Sunday, 9 August 2015

1 Photo 20 Words - August edition - Bomber Moss!

These ladies have nicknamed me Bomber Moss .
I like to take every available opportunity to live up to the name

I intended to put this up last month but totally forgot about it once I had drafted it but is still applies this month and my reason for being cheerful remain the same. 

Joining in with Abi's 1 photo 20 words.

Reason to be cheerful:-

Spending another weekend with these wonderful ladies and planning another one in the Autumn!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Counting my Blessings

I know I am very fortunate to have the job I have and although there can be weeks that are really, really busy there is always something exciting like lighting for a show or recording students music pieces to compensate for the rest of the hectic week.  Recently it was one of those weeks but as part of that very busy time I was fortunate enough to go on a school trip to The Globe in London.  I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Shakespeare but I thought it would be an unmissable experience - I was right!

As always I had my scrapbooking head on and spied, in the shop, some teal and white badges with quotes from A Midsummer Night's Dream on.  When my DT kit, from ATDML, arrived there was the perfect teal paper to go with the badges and the memorabilia I had saved from the day.   There was even a little globe on the sticker sheet - how serendipitous my good friend Eileen would say!

I loved the building, loved the play and the museum is well worth a second visit.  So if you get the chance I would thoroughly recommend it.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My best girl is coming home for a couple of days tomorrow.

2. She has passed the exam she was most worried about.

3. A job which puts a smile on my face every day.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

May & June - My Month in 5 Photos

Hello, hello, hello lovely blog readers.  I am hanging my head in shame at the marked lack of blog posts of late and will endeavor to rectify this.

As I was about to post my June in 5 Photos I realised that I hadn't posted May's one yet!  

So without further ado here is May in 5 Photos. 

For May I used Simple Stories 'I AM' to celebrate lovely spring walks filled with the scent of bluebells.

 Fabulous selfies that Gracia takes, Josh visiting her in Newcastle, making a skirt and starting to sew a dress - me not Josh - (hopefully finishing it in the next couple of weeks) and Gracia and Josh staying with us for a fabulous weekend of fun and frivolity.

For my June pages I used the papers from the gloriously colourful Kaisercraft 'Fly Free' collection and the two sketches from the June scrapbook challenge at Crafters@Play.

The paper with the bird on was perfect for the sketch incorporating a bird cage and this page celebrated the second weekend retreat to Thornham with this bunch of crazy ladies.  Because of this photo I am now known as 'Bomber Moss'!

This page features Kiera on an early morning walk.  Norwich Cathedral where we went on a school trip in June, we also visited the Castle which is well worth another visit.  I spent quite a number of hours painting scenery for the Y7 Shakespeare performances (two castles, two caves, two bushes and a caldron).  Finally, Josh was offered a job with Victim Support in Newcastle.  So this signified the end of an era - Gracia and Josh now officially live in Newcastle.  How ironic that for her first three years at University I was working during the long summer holidays and the year I get a job with the whole of the summer off she isn't coming home for all the holiday!

 Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Looking at the photo of the girls at Thornham gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest.

2.  Gracia and Josh are starting on a new phase of their lives and I wish them every happiness.

3.  Planning adventures in Newcastle and Colchester for when she comes home for a week but what really makes me happy is Gracia and I are going to see The Proclaimers together!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

1 Photo 20 Words - The Christmas Present

I wanted one as an ornament – David found one in ‘mint condition’.   
Love using it more than my electric one. 

Joining in with Abi's 1 photo, 20 words.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  That David took the time to source this beautiful machine from Holland.

2.  Re-discovering a love of sewing.

3.  When not in use it looks beautiful on my Welsh Dresser. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Me on Monday - 25th May 15

Joining in with Sian's - Me on Monday.

Hoooo-raaaay it's half term and today finds me relaxing after three days of hanging an art exhibition last week.  I love my job as it is so varied.  One day I'm designing a new website and the next I'm hanging beautiful art.

So this weekend has been a very indulgent one - I had the excuse that there was no point in doing any housework as David was using a grinder in the lounge and all the dust was getting everywhere.  Can't use that excuse tomorrow when he's back at work.

After doing the mundane jobs like food shopping I had a weekend of varied pleasures.

I walked Kiera several times

Kiera says 'Hello'

Finished/made 4 scrapbook pages on Saturday

IRL this one isn't as 'wonky donkey' as it looks

Tided and sorted out my Pinterest boards on Sunday - took much longer than I had anticipated but now more organised.

Started making a dress - not convinced I haven't cut the fabric out upside down - still looks pretty though.

and baked cakes for tea - without any icing as David likes his buns plain and simple, he would say 'how he likes his women!'  He lucked out on that one I'm afraid.

An absolutely splendid weekend, don't you agree?

Hope your week is as good as I intend mine to be.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Our girl is coming home for the weekend on Friday.

2.  Am loving making things on the Singer hand machine (my Christmas present from David last year).

3. The prospect of a lovely long, early morning, walk with David and Kiera.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Me on Monday - 11th May 15

Joining in with Sian's 'Me on Monday' where you give a quick summary of your weekend.

It was a going to the Greenstead crop, food shopping, finishing off projects started at the crop, pizza for tea, getting cross in Asda about the pizza that was for tea (asked for it to be made with chillies on 3/4 as I don't like them and when I paid for it noticed it was covered in chillies, I should have known when the girl making the pizza raised her eyes to the ceiling when I made the request and I didn't have time to wait another 20 minutes for a new one to be constructed) watching BGT sort of Saturday and a getting up early, walking in the woods, making good use of my selfie stick, then sleeping for most of the day (why I don't know - every time I sat down I nodded off) sort of Sunday.

This week should be back to normal and I am considering a new exercise class tonight - Thump Boxing.  Used to love combat and kick boxing when I did them but that was 7 years ago so might just go along to watch to decide if it is for me.  

Hoping your week is as good as I plan for mine to be.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Walking and talking with David yesterday makes me realise that I still love being in his company after over 30 years as a couple.

2.  That Gracia sends us Whats App messages and photos of what her and Josh get up to during the day.

3.  A calmer week at work now I have all my GCSE, AS and A level commitments fulfilled.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Return of the Intrepid Explorer or The Boy Back In Town

'My boy is home - the best Birthday present ever' she said and I can see that it truly was.

So glad our intrepid explorer has returned safe and sound with many tales of his adventures.  But also glad the peace and equilibrium has returned to my best girls world. 

Joining in with Abi's 1 photo 20 words for May.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  They both survived the separation and are now looking forward to spending lots of time together.

2.  Gracia had a wonderful birthday filled with indulgence and fun.

3.  We have had our beautiful girl in our lives for 22 years. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Bit of Mix and Match

Taking up the May Sketch Challenge set by the lovely Heather over on Crafters @ Play  to use this sketch to scrap the man in your life.

I used a little bit of left over Kaisercraft Blue Bay and some Teresa Collins - they go beautifully together.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Life has returned to normal after a hectic week last week.

2.  Finding time to do a little scrapping, whilst David is out this evening.

3. Sausage, Fakey Bacon, egg and mushrooms for dinner - YUM YUM.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

April in 5 Photos

Well it's that time again - a quick review of the month in 5 photos.  I am really loving this project and thank JO for the idea.  It's really fortunate that my crop is the first Saturday of every month as then I definitely have a project to work on and my 'In 5' layouts are almost guaranteed to get done. This month I used the 'Oh So Lovely' range from Kaisercraft.

April was very busy with far more than 5 photos to scrap but I am sticking to the remit, even if it means that I have to gloss over some of the things we did.  But one of the highlights of the month was spending the day in London with Gracia finding some of the Shaun in the City sculptures.  We had a fabulous day that will be remembered for a long time as being filled with fun and laughter, especially when we found the sheep called Mossy Bottom (not the one below)!

We went for Afternoon Tea, twice!  One at the Essex Rose with Hannah and Eileen to celebrate Hannah's and Gracia's 22nd birthday and the other at Tiffin's Tea Emporium in Long Melford, with David as a pre-birthday treat for Gracia before she returned to Newcastle.  Also April marked the first time Hannah and Sophie visited Gracia in Newcastle - hope it's not the last as the girls seemed to have such a good time.  Most importantly, for Gracia, Josh returned home from his travels, the day before her birthday which she declared as 'The best Birthday present ever'.  As is traditional, ever since they have lived in Newcastle, they went to the beach for the day.

So there we have our very busy month of April!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I know I have said it before and I will keep on saying it - I am so thrilled that Gracia still wants to go on little adventures with me.

2. Our new love - discovering places for Afternoon Tea.

3. Spending time with friends, both over Easter and yesterday at the crop.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

I have been experimenting with different styles recently.  Mostly prompted by two things - firstly my application for the Kaisercraft DT (which was unsuccessful but I am heartened that I got a thank you for applying email when some ladies I know didn't even get that)  and as a result of looking at some of their DT's work was prompted to try a little messy play and taking Katherine's class at the recent ATDML retreat - a bit of mixed media scrapbooking. 

Trying out a little mess.

Katherine's beautiful class.

Secondly, I chose some papers from the Crate Paper Confetti range as part of my May DT kit.  These papers seemed to cry out for more white space  and so far I have made three pages with a less is more approach.  

Experimenting with the Silhouette pens.

 A bit of faux project life

Splatters of gold paint and still loving the Polaroids I cut out for the ATDML Make &Take.

I decided that I like a bit of messy and will continue to experiment with that to see which way it takes me and white space is becoming less scarey.

But normal service has been resumed!

For this page I used this sketch

which I found on Pinterest and is from here .

I used lots of layering, my Silhouette to cut the title and flowers, leaves and little wooden butterflies. 

I can't decide which style is my style at the moment as I like all three types of scrapbooking - perhaps I just like playing with pretty paper and sparkly stuff without a care for boxing it into one style or another. 

I think I will just go with the flow and see where it takes me!

Do you feel you have a specific style?

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Scrapping a photo of Hannah, Eileen, Gracia and me together makes me smile.

2.  Planning a little more mess - have bought this

3.  After a really hard week - sound and lighting for five GCSE drama groups, supporting A Level Art and recording GCSE music pieces, all in one day, I am really looking forward to the weekend.