Happy Sunday?

17:26 Karen 0 Comments

The Seaside Rock service was absoutely fabulous and really brought home how much the children had absorbed over the last few days. The sang and danced, talked about what they had enjoyed and had a really good time. We could only stay at the BBQ for a short while as Gracia has a rehearsal for the production of Summer Holiday which she is dancing in. After dropping her off it was back home for more bookwork :( . At least I have nearly finished the VAT return (late again), have finished the banking and have all day tomorrow to pay the suppliers and finish the year end. At least once I have finished those things I will be free to get on with some serious scrapping. I am hoping to do a little on Tuesday, depending on what time training finishes at school, as I am going to visit my best scrap bud Eileen and may be able to sneak a little bit of cutting and sticking into my bag for when I spend time with her later.

Gracia is on a weeks work experience starting tomorrow and so is, as I type, trying on every item of clothing in her wardrobe which will then turn into every item of clothing on her bedroom floor! She thinks that David and I have OCD as we say "Tidy your room" so often she feels that it must be some sort of compulsion! If I get a chance I will take a sneaky photo and post it on here later - he he he he he.