OK OWN UP!!!!!

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OK - own up, who was it who stole half of September? Go on admit it was it you? Someone stealing the last two weeks can be the only reason I have not updated my blog, it couldn't possibly be that I have been sooooooooo busy, or could it?

Well, not much has happened only that I had to miss Wyverstone - the best crop in the universe. I had so many things that I was committed to at the weekend that something had to go and unfortunately, it was Wyverstone - ever the mother and giving the one thing that is solely for me each month up. I think that I shall soon be joining the ranks of other esteemed saints :)

As this has to be a very quick post - I still have David's suppliers to get paid before the end of the month.

I am going to show a couple of pages I have made recently, the first in the summer but not got round to photographing and the second I made the weekend before last, both experimental pieces. I journaled around the boots directly onto the photograph on 'I'm Not Old', a first for me and the shape was inspired by the shape of a piece of Making Memories paper which I drew around and cut the shape from Pop Star paper then was further inspired to cut the corner into the shape by a lo by my good friend Eileen in which she cut a bubble shape out of the corner. The photo is 3 6x4 pictures layered together as I didn't have any bigger photo paper at the time. I like the end result though.

The second one was my first attempt at dry brushing paint and I 'swirled the

blue paint for the sky then I mixed paint, glue and sand and brushed it on for the beach, finally I used shimmery water colour for the 'sea'. My Scrapagogo teamie Nichola showed us how to make a fancy edge, using stamps and punching holes in it, at the last Wyverstone crop - I used a stamp that reminded me of clouds and rolling sea and punched the holes in it and then backed it with blue card - lovely technique Nicola!

Must go as I can hear that cheque book calling and the statements grumbling at being ignored!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. School and Rainbows have been so much fun today.
2. David said he will help me with paying the suppliers so it won’t take as long as normal.
3. Today I learnt to say 'yes Please' when David offered help instead of saying 'No it's all right and then feeling resentful because I have to do the job on my own!


Some Old & Some New

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Finding Five Minutes

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I really wanted to be a regular little blogger but just finding the time to post each day is impossible at the moment so I have given myself permission to post as and when I can find 5 minutes - which is NOW!

The lovely yellow pizza box containing my dt kit from Scrapagogo was waiting for me when I came home for lunch yesterday - Oh deep joy. The contents were so in keeping with my thoughts of Gracia's last year at school,that I had designed and half finished a lo before our Friday night ritual.

This comprises Gracia and I having 'chip shop' chips with something I cook, last night it was fried egg, whilst David goes off for his Chello lesson and then for tea at his Mum's. We really appreciate him giving us the time each Friday for a 'girly' night. Gracia's dance class finishes at 8.30 - just in time for me to get dinner ready and for us to 'veg' on the sofa while we eat and watch Ugly Betty. What a fabulous way to end the week.

I will leave you with a little sneaky peek of the lo I have just finished for Scrapagogo and the two I made with last month's kit.

Reasons to be cheerful:-
1. I can hear the birds singing outside.
2. We are going to a party tonight - I intend to dance my little feet off!
3. I am just about to make a cup of tea and eat a blueberry muffin - without feeling guilty.


First Day Blues

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The first day of the last year of school for Gracia - a happy day for her but a sad one for me. Oh, where has the time gone, it only seems like a couple of years ago that I was taking her for her first day in reception. I am feeling quite nostalgic for the little girl who used to hold my hand to walk along the road and who thought that her dad and I were the only two people in the world of any importance. How can time pass so quickly without me noticing?

HeyHo, no point looking back - onwards and upwards!

I cannot believe the difference in her first day in Y11 compared to her first day in Y7. I love the fact that she has, like most teenagers, so much confidence and self belief, what a difference from that little 11 year old who was so unsure of what 'big' school had in store for her.

Reasons to be cheerful :-

1. Gracia has grown into a self assured and sensible young woman.
2. I went to lunch with two good friends and we put the world to rights.
3. I solved the ironing pile problem (I decided to put it all away unironed :))


A Funny Old Day

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Today has been a funny old day - I am finding it very difficult to motivate myself to do anything. Gracia and I were taking Sunday School for the pre-schoolers this morning and as the lesson was Hannah and her Baby I made each child a large lady biscuit and a small baby biscuit. They all had such a fabulous time decorating them - no photos I'm afraid - not quite organised enought to take extra photos for my blog yet but it will come I am sure.

This photo is from my 'Scrap Your Day' book and shows the children making Moses in a Basket in May.

The finished results were eaten very quickly - just like the biscuits today!

I spent much of the day running Gracia around to various places - CO2 rehearsal for 'Summer Holiday'. The hairdresser was there today and said that Gracia might need to have a fringe cut in to make her look more 1960's. I could hug him as I think that she looks absolutely beautiful (I may be a little biased) when she has a heavy fringe. She went to a party yesterday, and is going to a church social for 14 -18 year olds this evening. Oh to have a social life half as exciting as hers.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. We had a fantastic time with the little ones at church.

2. Even when it is pouring with rain the veiw from our bedroom window is still stunning.

3. Gracia may have to have her fringe cut back in xxx


Oh Happy Day!

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Well I did warn you that I was an unreliable little blogger and this goes to prove it - several days without finding the time to blog. I really admire the people who are disciplined enough to do it every day.

Well, I'm back at school and the new classes are just so lovely - I really hope it stays that way. It makes my job, as a teaching assistant, so pleasurable when there isn't any friction or mean behaviour from the children to each other. I cannot believe how quickly the holidays are forgotten and the old routines are re-established.

Big news - Gracia has been doing her work experience at a 'fancy' dress shop which sells and rents prom and evening dresses and 'mother of the bride' dresses and today she was offered a Saturday job. To say she is thrilled would be an understatement! She has loved the work experience, especially as she has been able to try on dresses, hats, masks and lots of other sparkly, glittery things.

Who would have thought that my little tomboy would have changed from THIS

in 5 very short years into THIS.

Reasons to be happy today:-

I sorted out the broadband at David's office.
Gracia has a Saturday job
I have a true friend in Eileen who I can rely on to help when I am in a fix.