First Day Blues

17:38 Karen 0 Comments

The first day of the last year of school for Gracia - a happy day for her but a sad one for me. Oh, where has the time gone, it only seems like a couple of years ago that I was taking her for her first day in reception. I am feeling quite nostalgic for the little girl who used to hold my hand to walk along the road and who thought that her dad and I were the only two people in the world of any importance. How can time pass so quickly without me noticing?

HeyHo, no point looking back - onwards and upwards!

I cannot believe the difference in her first day in Y11 compared to her first day in Y7. I love the fact that she has, like most teenagers, so much confidence and self belief, what a difference from that little 11 year old who was so unsure of what 'big' school had in store for her.

Reasons to be cheerful :-

1. Gracia has grown into a self assured and sensible young woman.
2. I went to lunch with two good friends and we put the world to rights.
3. I solved the ironing pile problem (I decided to put it all away unironed :))