Oh Happy Day!

17:41 Karen 1 Comments

Well I did warn you that I was an unreliable little blogger and this goes to prove it - several days without finding the time to blog. I really admire the people who are disciplined enough to do it every day.

Well, I'm back at school and the new classes are just so lovely - I really hope it stays that way. It makes my job, as a teaching assistant, so pleasurable when there isn't any friction or mean behaviour from the children to each other. I cannot believe how quickly the holidays are forgotten and the old routines are re-established.

Big news - Gracia has been doing her work experience at a 'fancy' dress shop which sells and rents prom and evening dresses and 'mother of the bride' dresses and today she was offered a Saturday job. To say she is thrilled would be an understatement! She has loved the work experience, especially as she has been able to try on dresses, hats, masks and lots of other sparkly, glittery things.

Who would have thought that my little tomboy would have changed from THIS

in 5 very short years into THIS.

Reasons to be happy today:-

I sorted out the broadband at David's office.
Gracia has a Saturday job
I have a true friend in Eileen who I can rely on to help when I am in a fix.


Monica Gale said...

What atuning young lady Gracie is!! I am so excited you started a blog I will be checking it regulary as I love your work, welcome to blogginhood. Hugs Monica xxx