OK OWN UP!!!!!

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OK - own up, who was it who stole half of September? Go on admit it was it you? Someone stealing the last two weeks can be the only reason I have not updated my blog, it couldn't possibly be that I have been sooooooooo busy, or could it?

Well, not much has happened only that I had to miss Wyverstone - the best crop in the universe. I had so many things that I was committed to at the weekend that something had to go and unfortunately, it was Wyverstone - ever the mother and giving the one thing that is solely for me each month up. I think that I shall soon be joining the ranks of other esteemed saints :)

As this has to be a very quick post - I still have David's suppliers to get paid before the end of the month.

I am going to show a couple of pages I have made recently, the first in the summer but not got round to photographing and the second I made the weekend before last, both experimental pieces. I journaled around the boots directly onto the photograph on 'I'm Not Old', a first for me and the shape was inspired by the shape of a piece of Making Memories paper which I drew around and cut the shape from Pop Star paper then was further inspired to cut the corner into the shape by a lo by my good friend Eileen in which she cut a bubble shape out of the corner. The photo is 3 6x4 pictures layered together as I didn't have any bigger photo paper at the time. I like the end result though.

The second one was my first attempt at dry brushing paint and I 'swirled the

blue paint for the sky then I mixed paint, glue and sand and brushed it on for the beach, finally I used shimmery water colour for the 'sea'. My Scrapagogo teamie Nichola showed us how to make a fancy edge, using stamps and punching holes in it, at the last Wyverstone crop - I used a stamp that reminded me of clouds and rolling sea and punched the holes in it and then backed it with blue card - lovely technique Nicola!

Must go as I can hear that cheque book calling and the statements grumbling at being ignored!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. School and Rainbows have been so much fun today.
2. David said he will help me with paying the suppliers so it won’t take as long as normal.
3. Today I learnt to say 'yes Please' when David offered help instead of saying 'No it's all right and then feeling resentful because I have to do the job on my own!


Nicola said...

Fab LO's Karen , love that you love the technique xx LOL