High Tea and High Praise!

18:21 Karen 0 Comments

Woooow, what a weekend. Very busy but very satisfying. Although Gracie decide to give up her Saturday morning theatre group in September, yesterday was the first day she has been at home with nothing to do. She stayed in bed late as she has had rehearsals for Summer Holiday AND Guys and Dolls this week and looks like the walking dead. Today she has had a rehearsal at the practice hall and I have just dropped her off at the Mercury Theatre for the second rehearsal of the day - a technical rehearsal. But I am going off the point, as Gracie was in bed I got an uninterrupted morning to get my house in order - tidied, polished, hovered, washed paint and cleaned windows. At one point David was all for calling up for a second opinion as he was convinced I had completely lost my marbles - he knows that me and housework are never in the same place at the same time! How satisfying to have a tidy house for a few hours, I know that is all it will last for but never mind.

Today I have cut out the components for my Rainbows to make 'running' gingerbread men and made enough real gingerbread men for them to ice and decorate tomorrow. But the best part of today was that in-between her two rehearsals Gracie had 3 friends round, Matilda (who has been her friend since they were 8), Becky (a friend for the past 4 years) and Mim (a new friend). I made them 'high tea', well sort of - it was a modern version with pizza instead of sandwiches.

As I was making gingerbread men for the Rainbows I made 4 gingerbread ladies and iced them for the girls - this is where the high praise bit comes in. Gracie has been a little offhand this week due to tiredness and we have had several little upsets but today she said, upon spying the gingerbread ladies "Mum you are a superstar, you are so good, these are really cool". From a 15 year old girl that is high praise indeed. On that note, and with a smile from ear to ear, I am going to now go and tackle the pile of washing up start the ironing for next week and finish my cold cup of tea.

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. I am a cool mum who makes awesome gingerbread ladies.
2. I remembered to take photos for my blog.
3. I found a tiny slot this morning to do a little scrapping.