I feel like a knit!

17:40 Karen 0 Comments

The last thing I knitted was a red and black striped jumper, when Gracia was going through her 'Dennis the Mennis' phase. That was about 7 years ago and I have never been tempted since. One of the blogs I always try to follow is Shimelle's one and in July she mentioned that she was knitting a garment designed by a lady called Ysolda. Being nosey I went onto her website and instantly fell in love with the pattern for Matilda Jane as I knew that Gracia would look lovely in it. I bought the wool on Tuesday and started it that night. It is more complicated that I had anticipated but I will crack on and hopefully complete it by Christmas. I am now looking for some fabric to make the bow at the back and a matching skirt for her.

I have also managed to make a double, yes you read that correctly, a double lo this week (only the second double page I have attempted) and here is a little peep at it.

Oh well I must get going with my knit one, pearl one and undo the bit I did yesterday as I am sure that it is not right!

Reasons to be cheerful:-
1. It has been a beautiful bright sunny day.
2. Gracia is absolutely loving performing in Summer Holiday.
3. I have all evening to myself to do exactly as I please and more importantly eat exactly what I want.