We're All Going On A Summer Holiday .......

17:49 Karen 2 Comments

We went to see Summer Holiday yesterday and what a performance it was! Gracia looked so good with her 60's beehive and false eyelashes (not that I am just a little biased). The eldest in the show is only 24 but what talent they all have. I was especially impressed with Gracia's dancing as she gave it her all and it really showed. Her dance teacher went to see the show on Tuesday and said that out of all the dancers you could tell that Gracia was a trained dancer. I must say that the way she held her body and her dancing was something to be proud of. David and I sat through the performance, lighting up the theatre with our own little glow of pride. Gracia has absolutely loved doing this show and over the past year has been in West Side Story, Aladdin, a Dance show and a show showcasing pieces written by the Saturday Theatre group she has just left. Although she had the female lead in Aladdin she said that she has loved doing Summer Holiday more than any other show EVER!

I had to pick Gracia and three of her friends up at 1.00am this morning from the after show party and then deposit them at Becky's for a sleepover (how much sleep was actually had is debatable) so my alarm went off at 12.40! I learnt my lesson from the West Side Story after show party as David was supposed to pick Gracia and Hannah up but unfortunately fell asleep on the sofa. When he woke up he got ready for bed and only at the last minute did he remember that he had to get the girls. He was an hour late picking them up - not that they complained.

On the knitting front - I am just about to unpick my last 6 rows (the same 6 rows I have unpicked 4 times already) as after googling some of the knitting terms I have been doing it wrong. If nothing else this cardigan is certainly teaching me the meaning of perseverance.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We have a beautiful talented daughter.
2. I finally know what the blasted knitting pattern means.
3. I have had a feeling of calm wellbeing all day and long may it last.


Flossyjamba said...

just bloghopping and i came across yours. love the reasons to be cheerful at the end of each post! mine are:
1. can finally rest and chill after one of the busiest weekends ever
2. reading about other peoples ups, downs, quirks and gingerbread ladies
3. about to go and do some scrapping - with a day off tomorrow!

thanks, it cheered me up :D

Ifa said...

Hi Karen, your Gracia is so beautiful especially with those long lashes.
Let me share my reasons to be cheerful today :
1.Hubby is home.
2.The new bond movie is out...yaay!
3.I have the day to myself.