Deck The Halls ...................

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.......... Sadly, not with boughs of holly as our holly tree has very few berries this year :(

I love this time of year when the frost is really thick first thing in the morning and everything looks so magical. The view from my gate onto the heath was just spectacular this morning.

I especially love the first Sunday in December because that is the day we put up or Christmas decorations. Gracia and I are really big on Christmas – the Christmas fairies still come every night and put a little something into her Advent Calendar!

Note the Acro Jacks (I have two in my lounge) that go from a hole in my lounge floor – through holes in the ceiling – through the room above (which incidentally, does not even have a ceiling) – right up to the roof joists. Well, at least they are somewhere to put some extra tinsel!

Also, at this time of year, I love how excited the children at school get and the fact that our social life goes into orbit (well we do at least go out several times in December). For example, David and I went to a Mozart concert yesterday and then for a pizza after – it is the first time we have been out for a meal with just the two of us for ages. It was such an eye opener though, coming out of the restaurant at 11.30 and seeing the delights of Colchester’s youth, literally rolling out of the pubs and clubs, girls sitting on the kerbs and being sick or fighting in the street and dressed in only tiny shorts and tops and when there was a thick frost on the ground – only another couple of years and Gracia will be old enough to drink – eeeek. I think I am turning into a grumpy old woman as I was so outraged by how they were behaving, without any dignity or self respect.

I have made 25 of the 50+ Christmas cards I need to make this afternoon – a really simple design for speed as I have left it so late! I now only have to get them written and in the post tomorrow. I have cut out the componants for all the others so they should get finished by Friday, I hope!

Finally, a little peek at the page I have made for a class using my January Scrapagogo kit.

I really must get it together and get the pages I made last week at Wyverstone photographed and uploaded.

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. We put up the Christmas decorations today.
2. I am so blessed to be living where I do, even if the house still needs a lot of work.
3. I have made a vast inroad into my Christmas card making!