It's A Wrap

21:48 Karen 0 Comments

I am going to try to take a photo everyday over the holidays as a reminder of how we spend our time. This year is different to how we normally spend Christmas as circumstances have dictated that we change things around a little. Today's photo is of all the presents I wrapped today - these are only the ones for friends and family and not the ones I have for David and Gracia!

Yesterday was a slow day (too much partying on Friday night) spent tidying up the lounge and boy did it need it and then I went to Girls Club where Caroline, Helen and I helped the girls from our church make Christmas themed crafts. They made cards, 2 different ones, dolly peg angels, baked cakes, made chocolate Christmas pudding truffles, decorated gingerbread biscuits to name but a few things.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have almost finished wrapping presents (the job I hate most at Christmas)
2. I have finished all my Christmas shopping.

3. I am now off for a well deserved early night.