xxxxx A Very Happy Christmas To Us xxxxx

08:42 Karen 1 Comments

What an absolutely fabulous Christmas Day! - It started with midnight Communion.

Then after going to bed at 1.00am I had to wake Gracia up at 8:30 because I could not wait any longer for her to open her stocking - she still climbs into our bed for this :) A cooked breakfast (one of the few times during the year that I make an effort and 'do a fry up') Then, all the things on my Christmas list and more, a long walk with my most favourite walking companions (David, Gracia and Kiera) relaxing, and planning projects from Cath Kidstone's book (a present from Gracia). Dinner at David's sisters house - who, with the help of the fabulous Dot, cooked dinner for 16 people. Wallace and Gromit on the TV and then home to copious amounts of chocolate biscuits and chocolate. What more could you ask from a Christmas day?

Guess what we all had on our Christmas list!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am still basking in the glow from an absolutely fabulous Christmas Day spent with family.

2. We are going on a long, organised, Boxing Day dog walk followed by a delicious lunch with friends (hopefully Hannah is going to come to keep Gracia company.

3. I am going to play with my new BIA (thank you KarenC) this afternoon.


Coley said...

I hope you had fun with your new toy xxx