Oh Dear - Bad Blogger Award!

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I am awarding myself the Bad Blogger Award! I had made up my mind to try to take a photo every day to improve my photography technique and to blog more often - failed on both counts I'm afraid. :(

Well I must say 2009 has been really good so far as both work and home are ticking along nicely (better than nicely sometimes) and we have all managed to avoid the various winter bugs.

I am going for a major page upload today because I realised that I still have not uploaded the pages I made in November. So to begin with these are my Scrapagogo lo's for December and January and a little peep of February's.

The February kit is absolutely delicious and appropriately called 'Life is Like a Box of Chocolates'. It is made up of pinks, creams and browns with sparkles and tulle and all sorts of mouth watering goodies. Lorraine and Janice have been amazingly generous with its contents - pizza boxes bursting at the seams. Go over to the website and have a look - you will be drooling all over your PC I can guarantee!

Also some pages that I have made or reworked recently (well over the last 3 months)

Photos taken when we had a couple of days in London in August - I love the pouty lips and sun glasses. That photo may well warrent a lo all of its own!

I love the words of the song 'Slipping Through My Fingers' from the film Mama Mia as it so sums up how I feel about Gracia growing up. When I remembered the photo I had taken on her first day back at school in September it fitted perfectly with the sentiment.

A self-portrait photo by Gracia that justed begged me to print it out large (A4) and scrap it. I used Rusty Pickle Pop Star paper for the bottom boarder and then drew a similar one for the top. The title was from a sheet of 99p rub-ons and the gems are from Poundland - you get simply masses of self adheisive gems for £1.00!

Finally, a lo I made using a photo taken in the Autumn. I layered some cardstock leaves and stamped some swirls underneath the journaling (which is done using my absolutely fav journaling technique at the moment - running C'ore Dination cardstock through a Dymo and then sanding off the top layer of the card). The journaling is from a quote on 2Peas and aptly describes David and Gracia's closeness.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. This week has been a week where I can come home and say 'I know why I love the job I do so much'.
2. I am quite excited about taking my Rainbows to the pantomime on Sunday.
3. I have remembered to 'count my blessings' each night of 2009 and consequently wake up in a very positive frame of mind.