Simple Pleasures

18:33 Karen 1 Comments

A day filled with simple pleasures, I have made a good start on December's invoices for David, spent too much time scrapping :), been on a long (and very cold) walk with David, Gracia and Kiera and tonight we are going to have a take away pizza and watch one of the DVD's we had for Christmas. We usually do this on New Year's Day but Gracia was wrecked yesterday from going to the cinema and out for a meal with Hannah and Sophie (it was Sophie's 16th Birthday) and sleeping over at Sophie's house. As a consequence they did not go to sleep until 5am and they had to get up again at 10.30am to come home.

The fruits of my labours from today.

One of the photos I have taken on my mission to take one a day - I must add it is a failed mission, but I took this one on Monday when Gracia's friend Josh came over for the day. They always make some cakes or biscuits or both when he comes to visit. They are just very good friends who really enjoy each other's company, I hope they remain so for a long time to come because Josh is such a kind and caring young mam.

Happy New Year to One and All

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I made time to do some scrapping today.

2. I am looking forward to takeaway pizza and a DVD.

3. I have really enjoyed all the family walks we have had over the past two weeks and am determined to have at least one walk, as a family, each weekend from now on.


Ifa said...

A late Happy New Year to you Karen. My reason to be cheerful today is both kids are back at school but I am missing them.