Brrrrrr - Baby It's Cold Outside!

17:42 Karen 0 Comments

Had a very busy weekend – Friday evening bagging up photos and paper for the Wyverstone crop on Saturday. Saturday scrapping with the lovely girls from Wyverstone. I kept my head down and didn’t chat very much and managed to finish a 50% done lo and make 3 others. Everyone had Gracia on so I am now resolved to scrap other subjects sometimes and not just Gracia all the time!

Sunday the great mouse saga came to a head and the little bu**er who had been residing in our wall for the past two weeks decided to make a break for freedom and came out into the kitchen. He then ate his way through a whole packed to Tutti Frutti’s which in turn gave him an upset tum, which he then relieved all over the kitchen. So after making a frantic call to the pest man David and I spent the whole of Sunday cleaning. We cleaned the whole of the kitchen and then decided to sort out the cupboards – much to my embarrassment we found some tinned food with a sell by date of 2002 – eeek.

Today we have had about 6 ins of snow and I swapped my afternoon off (our school was one of the few to still open in Colchester) so that I could walk Gracia to her Bestist best friend’s house and stayed for a cup of tea and a chat and then walked back home. It took us an hour to walk each way. Kiera loved being out in the snow and kept disappearing into the woods and emerging covered in snow.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. After a very shaky start (a heated debate over whether a coat was needed in the pouring snow) Gracia and I had a lovely afternoon.

2. I have just had two hot, buttery crumpets and a cup of hot chocolate to warm up after our walk.

3. It was really delightful to see all the children at school enjoying the snow so much – they had an extended playtime so they could reap the full benefit of a whole school field covered in inches of snow.