Spoilt is not the word for it!

17:02 Karen 1 Comments

Well, today is my birthday and what a birthday it has been. I am such a lucky girl. David gave me money to buy some tickets for the show Mama Mia, Gracia spent every spare moment and until 1.am this morning embroidering a cardigan for me.

After church, and when I had opened my presents we all went to Mark's Hall for lunch and then for a rather wet walk. Much to David's embarrassment Gracia and I sang songs from various Disney movies very loudly all the way round on our walk. We were both very happy girls today! Our only concession to his embarrassment was to stop if we saw any other people walking nearby.

What a fun afternoon. I love this man so much and as I got married on my birthday today is also our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

Is this suitable clothing for walking on a cold winter day in the rain- obviously if you are a teenager.

But I love the fact that at just shy of 16 she still loves splashing in puddles!

Lastly, a quick photo of Gracia as one of the 'Hot Box' dancers in Guys and Dolls - the school production she was in last week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have been married to a fabulous man for the past 23 years and love him even more than when I married him.

2. We have a beautiful, generous and talented daughter.

3. It is half term and I am about to embark on my new Shimelle project.


Ifa said...

Same day hunny, we have the same anniversary! Alistair picked the day after Valentine's day because he didn't want to forget the date. Wow, I thought 18th was amazing, here's to many more for both of us.