In Praise of a Fabulous Daughter

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What a lovely day I had on Sunday, and what perfect gifts Gracia gave me. I feel we are truly blessed to have her as our daughter. She is hard working, kind, loving and such fun - I know that she can be a pain in the ***** sometimes BUT hey, she is a teenager after all and if she were perfect wouldn't be as much fun - an example being how much the three of us laughed at various things but mostly at each other during our dog walk this afternoon. Also she got perfect marks in her recent dance exam and was awarded a highly commended certificate.

I made this page on Sunday because I really wanted to keep forever the words she wrote in my mother's day card. Don't you just love those cute little cupcakes on the card?

I went to crop at Wyverstone yesterday and had such a lovely day. My best scrapping buddy, Eileen, was unable to come so I ventured out to the Suffolk sticks by myself. It was a good move as I sat and talked to girls I wouldn't have usually talked to and it was lovely to get to know different people better. If you are reading this a big HELLO to Sue, Mel and Karelyn and thank you for such a lovely day. I managed to finish this month's project for the ScrapaGoGo blog and here is a tiny peek.

Unfortunately ScrapaGoGo have sold out of their absoutely fabulous April kit but they do have some gorgeous mini kits and projects going on sale in the Grab It Department on Wednesday after 5.00pm (don't look until then as Lorraine and Janice don't put the goodies up on the site until then). I am definately going to buy one of the mini kits!

Time to get tea for the family - hope you have a fabulous week.

Reasons to be cheerful:-
1. The sun has shone all day, I have got my Asda shop done and we all went out for a fabulous walk.
2. Making new friends and reinforcing existing ones always makes me feel good.
3. 1 more week until the Easter hols :)


Busy, Busy, Busy

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Well, that's my excuse for not blogging for such a long time. I really have been very busy with David's accounts, general things at home, making stuff and many other things but I have now stopped chasing my tail and am able to sit back and take stock once more.

I spent the weekend away with the most awesome girls - the work that they were producing simply blew me away and I could only stand back in amazement. I did a little scrapping but not as much as I would have liked as my get up and go had got up and gone!

Nevertheless, I did manage some pages which I am quite pleased with after 'faffing' about quite a lot.

I also made some extra los from my February ScrapAGogo kit, and a few additional buttons, which I am pleased with too.

For the ScrapAGogo blog I made a little mini 'lift the flap' book and I just love it. The idea came to me after reading a lift the flap book to the little ones at school and realising how much fun it was finding out what was under the flaps. I used Luxe labels for the flaps.

and the instructions can be found here

I also made these two los (orange button from my own stash and not the kit)

I also have another little project on the go from the April kit which I am quite excited about - more about that at another time.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am feeling so much better after my weekend cold.
2. When the sun has shone, like it has today, the whole world and everything in it looks so beautiful.
3. I am just off to Sainsbury's to buy ingredients so Gracia and I can make some of the fudge Sandra, Barb and I made with the children at school.