How Can My Baby Be 16?

18:42 Karen 0 Comments

Well you tell me how it happened! One minute she is a baby in my arms and the next she is 16 and I really don't know where most of those 16 years have gone. I am so proud of her as she has grown into a confident, considerate and (in my opinion) very beautiful young woman. Gracia was delighted with her cupcake birthday cake, not very professional looking but it was quite cute and she was thrilled with all the money and vouchers she got - I forsee another trip to London or Lakeside after her exams!

She has worked so hard over the last few weeks to pull her French grade up and feels she may have scraped a b in her GCSE oral yesterday. Also yesterday, David and I went to see Gracia's performance for her GCSE Drama and were completely blown away by the piece and how well the 8 girls acted. It was quite a challenging play and all of them excelled. During the play Gracia used language I never knew she knew yet alone used - she assured me that she only used it for the play and never in real life :)

I am in love with the ScrapaGoGo hybrid elements and after discovering them made 3, yes 3 los and a birthday card with them at the weekend. They are just sooooo gorgeous and compliment the kits really well. The first lo I made used a combination of the hybrid elements, the April mini kit and April's create kit.

For the second I printed out the trees in three different sizes, printed out the just the top of the trees again and layered these on top to give the lo some dimention (and we all know how much I love lumpy layouts). I also used a whole pack of doodlebug flower buttons and some hand stitching.

On the third lo I only used the hybrid elements, printing them out in several sizes and punching out the large 'brads' with a scalloped punch to make them look like bottlecaps and the smaller ones with a circle punch to make them look like brads. I used foam pads to raise the 'felt' flowers and am really pleased with the final result. I printed out the photos in a grid to because I wanted it to look like a comic strip. (The silly things we get up to whilst waiting for David!)

Not a very good photo of the Birthday card but it was early Monday morning and I had to get it into it's envelope ready.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. It's a Bank Holiday weekend.
2. Gracia has finished her French oral and so can relax for a little before the final push for her exams.
3. My 6 day backache has finally gone, although I might still keep using Deep Heat because I love the small so much ;)