It's Only a Week Late!

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Ok - it's a week late but because of that there is more to say!

What have we been doing over the last few days - well we have been so many places and enjoyed each other's company. Last Wednesday, Gracia and I ventured to London so she could decide on the style and fabric for her prom dress. I had envisaged a 'princess' type dress (excellent for scrap photos) but she wanted a more 'normal' dress, the sort of dress that would be worn if you were a guest at a very 'posh' wedding. We headed to John Lewis, I remembered the size of their fabric department from when I worked in London but alas it is now smaller than our local fabric shop! We did manage to get a pattern for the bodice of her dress (which we have now changed so many times that the pattern was useless) and then went looking for the fabric shops recommended by Gracia's friend. We found a fabulous shop that sold silk at a price we could afford in such a vast range of colours.

We decided to make the dress in three colours. The main part of the dress is a beautiful cobalt blue and it has turquoise and deep purple accents.

We spent the afternoon clothes shopping for Gracia and then went to see the musical Joseph (not one of my favourite musicals).

We have been on lots of dog walks with Kiera and we try to walk via some sort of water so that she can have a swim.

On Sunday we went to Dedham to walk along by the river and for lunch at the craft centre and then to Anita's for a family tea.

As Kentwell Hall was open over Easter with Tudor reenactment days, we travelled over on Monday. The weather was damp but the house and gardens were spectacular, especially the farm. It just goes to show what an animal person I am as I have loads of photos of the animals but none of the people dressed up.

Well, I had better get off the computer and get on with the many jobs waiting for me to do today :(.


Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am just about to go and have a Hot Cross Bun for breakfast and blow the diet.
2. We went to see Marley and Me yesterday and I still giggle when I think of some of the scenes.
3. We are walking over to Eileen and Hannah's this afternoon with Kiera, to introduce her to Missy!