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This is just a quick entry as I am intending to blog a bit more on Thursday with, hopefully, some interesting photos!

We have had a fabulous weekend, despite Gracia revising so much. I virtually have to drag her away from her school books at the moment. I have insisted that we watch a DVD together and walk the dog every day over the next two weeks so that she gives herself a brake from revising.

Gracia and I took Kiera down to the river on Saturday and remembered to collect sticks on the way to throw in for her. Kiera loves being in the water and would happily spend all day there. She will even lay in a puddle if there is no other water around. What a change from the little puppy who we had to drag into the river and who was so afraid the first time we took her to the beach. Unfortunately, we have to be very careful when we go to the beach now as the sea water really upsets her tummy.

This is a page I made at the weekend. I wanted to have a go at cutting with a scalpel again, not something I am comfortable with, and so decided to make a butterfly out of the Basic Grey paper. I then was at a loss what to do with it so just put a fairly dreamy photo of Gracia on the page and the title butterfly. As Gracia pointed out the title and reference have no relevance to the photo but who cares I am pleased with how I am slowly honing my cutting skills. They will never be as good as Eileen (the hand cutting Queen) but are beginning to be good enough to satisfy me.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am halfway through March's invoices and should have them all finished by tomorrow.

2. Gracia and I went for a fabulous walk on Saturday and laughed so much at Kiera's antics in the river.

3. I am on holiday for the next two weeks and have all sorts of adventures planned ;)


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