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Gracia and I have been on a flying visit to mum and dad’s, in Shropshire. The weather was beautiful and despite the journey down being a long one we had a lovely time. My sister, Stacey, came round to see us and it was lovely to spend time together. (Hi mum, dad and Stacey if you are reading this – you must be so bored that you have had to resort to reading my blog). Gracia went on one of her usual speed shopping sprees and, as always, I am amazed at how much she can buy in such a short time. I have cracked on with the ‘prototype’ of her prom dress and only have to make a couple of small alterations before it is perfect and I can begin to make the real thing eeeeekkkkk. I am really quite worried about the responsibility of making it – even to the extent that I had a nightmare about the skirt falling off in the middle of the prom – I think I will double stitch around the seams just to be sure - :)

I have made a couple of los the first using some of these adorable journalling spots called ‘Little Musings’ and made by SJ, they are just so beautiful.

I can see where lots of my pocket money is going to go! These little journalling spots are just so adorable. I used 4 of the large ones as the bases for the flowers and the rectangular one is just soooooooooooo lovely as it has a rainbow coloured border. If you read this SJ - I just love your work and these are just absoultely devine.

That dog is just so compliant and will let us do whatever we like with her - she seems to thrive on making us laugh.

Stop press - is there no end to that girl's talents? I have just been on her site and she now has the most fantastic little mini books, I insist you go and have a look - stunning or what?

The second lo I made on Sunday morning, before leaving Mum’s to come home. It want together so quickly I couldn’t believe that I had it finished is a couple of hours whilst chatting with Mum and Stacey. How come I can scrap and chat at Mum’s but have to stop scrapping to chat at a crop?

Look at how Gracia has caught the reflection of the bluebells in her sunglasses – that girl is talented at so many things.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It is half term and I am going to get the house sorted and the accounts fully up to date (you may not think that this is a reason to be cheerful but once it is done I will be over the moon) and catch up with friends.

2. After seeing a recent photo of myself - I am on a mission to lose weight and fully intend to go for some long walks with Kiera this week.

3. I have had a fabulous couple of days with my family and am looking forward to their visit to us in June.

Note to anyone who knows me and how long I have been waiting for this - a little extra reason to be cheerful – my new bathroom, that I have been waiting 17 years for, now has a door - it has not yet been hung but it has been made!