Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time

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Life is quite manic at the moment. What with Gracia taking her GCSE's and everything else I wonder where the time goes. Gracia has finished school and only has to go in for exams now - look at how she ahd Hannah went to school on their last day! It's apparantly called 'Geeking It Up'. They only had to go in for an hour, how rediculas is that?

She seems to be doing ok and is coming home quite happy after each exam so fingers crossed that she will get the grades she wants and has worked so hard for.

I really don't know where the past few weeks have gone to and finding time to update my blog is not top of my priority list at the moment - having my hard disc crash and taking it to the repairers for a couple of days does not help.

As a family we went on a lovely walk on May Day, to Hill House Woods. The bluebells were stunning as usual and I took some photos (as usual) of Gracia as this has been the setting for her last few 'birthday' photos. I also managed to take some of all of us using the timer - another new thing learnt.

For this month's blog class for Scrapagogo I made a set of tags in fancy pouches and then used them on a LO. The instructions are here.

I have done a little bit of scrapping and have managed another lo for the Scrapagogo Acadamy which I am extremely pleased with.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. As I sit here, through my window I can see a beautiful green field, the sun is shining and the brids are singing so loudly.
2. I have sorted out the probem with David's computer at work and also had my computer sorted so I am back in cyber space>
3. This evening we are going to have egg, chips and beans for tea - yum - not much cooking but very tasty!