How Gorgeous is Our Girl?

17:19 Karen 0 Comments

I know I may be a little biased and feel that maybe you may not think so but just how gorgeous did Gracia look when she went to her prom? I have to admit that it made me cry a little to see her looking so grown up but all the stresses and strains of making the dress, getting the right shoes and doing her hair was so worth it.

That boy who is draped around her is so lucky and I must make sure he knows exactly how lucky he is next time I see him :)

I only have time for a quick 5 minute post because as usual I am up to my ears in David's work, a half finished scrap page that I wanted to get done today and we are going to the 6.00 service at church and I wanted to fit a BATH, yes I did say BATH (the bathroom is 99% finished and in use), in before I go.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. After a week of almost non stop arguments Gracia and I have reached a sort of impass and there hasn't been any cross words since Wednesday (the day of the Prom - could there be a connection do you think?)

2. Mum and Dad visited yesterday and it was fabulous a) to see them both looking so well and b) to have the incentive to blitz the house and make it lovely and clean and tidy.

3. That girl has grown into such a beauty and is as beautiful in her words and deeds as she is in her looks (99% of the time).