Ok - I fibbed a bit!

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I said I would blog this photo on Saturday but I have been really excited about a little project I am doing and just did not make the time to blog :( (sorry)!

Once I have finalised the design and really sorted out all I have to do I will share it but at the moment I have to keep it under wraps :)

Don't you think that these shoes are the business? I absolutely love them and would acquire a pair in an instant if Gracia didn't love them so much too! (Can't be seen in the same shoes as your mum). It is nice to think that there are some things that we both like even though we have a 37 year age gap!

Well, the laying in state of the Smug finished earlier than anticipated and when I returned from my Tesco shop on Sunday, I found David where I had left him - sitting on the sofa watching motorbike racing. It is unusual for David to sit around at the weekend so I did say "I can't believe you are still where I left you". (Not said in a mean way but just surprised). BUT when I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea - there was the little beauty in all its glory and in situ. He must have worked his little socks off while I was away and then pretended that he had been watching the tv all the time - what a little monkey!

I took great delight in emptying the old fridge/freezer (which is in the lounge and the furthest possible distance from the kitchen) and filling up the new one. Doesn't it look great? I keep having to open the fridge to look inside - it has a place for everything and it looks so neat and tidy. The old fridge/freezer was about 20 years old and the plastic shelves in the fridge and the fronts to the freezer drawers had broken long ago - all I could do was pile food into the fridge and hope that each time I opened the freezer door the contents of a front less drawer would not tumble out onto the floor! We live an unusual life in our little household but would I change a thing - not on your life!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My little secret project is coming along nicely - just awaiting a delivery from the postman, hopefully today.

2. A nice hot bath to start the day is awaiting me.

3. I lost 1.5 lb last week and now feel that with a bit more effort I can shift the other 20 + that I would like to loose.



Who Did It?

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I took Gracia and Hannah to Lakeside shopping yesterday, it was a late birthday shopping trip. As I was leaving them there to go and visit family in Sittingbourne I parked the car, went in with them to arrange a place to meet up later and then returned to the yellow car park to get my car. It was not there! I spent half an hour searching, I even stopped a man who was cleaning to ask him what other car parks were near and he said only the yellow one and the purple - I know I had not parked it in the purple one as I would have had to pass bollards to get to House of Fraser (the shop we entered from the car park) so it had to be in the yellow one! After touring it once again I decided that the only thing left to do was to go back into House of Frazer, and try every exit from the shop until I found my car. After trying 3 exitsI found my car parked exactly where I knew it should be but in the RED car park. So I would like to know who moved my car because I am absoultely, without any shadow of a doubt, certain that I parked it in the yellow car park!

I went to visit family and then returned to find this:-

They only shopped for 6 hours and only 'bought essentials for college'. I will show you tomorrow exactly what Gracia purchased!

A page to celebrate my love of big, bright and bold flowers. Everyone who knows me knows that I love the 'showgirls' of the flower world.

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. My new Smug (yes we do call it a Smug and not a Smeg) fridge/freezer arrived today. It is having it's ceremonial laying in state in the dining room before being put into the kitchen. (Everyone who knows us will understand that all things have to have a period of just standing in the wrong room or in the right room but still in their packaging before being put into place - why I just don't know).

2. David has had the day off from work today and I have really enjoyed having him around.

3. It was lovely visiting my aunt, uncle, sister and cousin yesterday



If you want something doing ask a busy person

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Busy, busy day but that's how I like it! Invoices, meetings, tea with friends, and lots of scrapping.

I must have typed up at least 50 invoices today, had lunch at Asda, taken Gracia to Hannah's and had a quick cuppa with Eileen, rushed off to a meeting with AJ re this Sunday's Sunday club, back home to finish a lo and then picking up Gracia, back home and then off for a quick power walk with Gracia and Kiera (Gracia thought it so funny that I fell over on the road)! I am sure that by the end of the holidays the dog will be having trouble keeping up with me!

This lo is about how carefully Gracie chose her accessories and then spent ages doing her make up and having her hair done and how much her boyfriend appreciated it. I love how tenderly he kisses her xxx

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Most of June's invoices have been done.

2. I am getting closer each day to having all my photos categorised.

3. Now off for a bath and an early night before hitting Lakeside tomorrow.



So Far So Good!

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I am trying to blog little and often to try to get into the habit. So far so good - 4 posts in 3 days. I had a fabulous lunch with a friend today at a local garden center, vegetable soup and egg sandwiches - yum! It was good to catch up and our lunch lasted from 1.00 until 4.10 when we decided we really ought to leave. We then stood in the car park for several minutes still talking - the measure of a good lunch when neither wants it to end.

When I eventually got home Gracia and I walked the dog around the block, which is about 2 miles and we power walked all the way. Today was one of those days when we found everything amusing and laughed all the way round, especially when we made our tongues blue by sucking M&Ms.

Finally, look at these beautiful flowers - just how I like my flowers big and bold and beautiful. I am not one for pale delicate flowers, give me the show girls, the flashy bright girls, of the flower world any time and I am happy. They were a gift from the children's mums in the class I work in. One mum organised a collection and then bought the TA's a beautiful bunch of flowers each and a Thornton's chocolate plaque with a thank you iced on. What a sensible thing to do as I love the idea of one present rather than lots of little ones. It makes sense as some people can afford more than others and so one communal present puts everyone on an even level.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I laughed and chatted for most of the afternoon and renewed a friendship.

2. I count myself blessed to have Gracia for company on days like today.

3. I am just about to make mushroom tagliatelle for tea - can't wait.



Onwards and Upwards

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Today has been a really good day, lots of things done, 3 loads of washing dried but not ironed (come on this is me we are talking about), invoices typed, lounge and bathroom cleaned and tidied, banking banked, and I took Kiera on a power walk down to the river with Gracia (when she finally got dressed at 5.00pm - Gracia not the dog)!

But best of all I have had a little project I have been working on commissioned by a magazine. My crafting is going from strength to strength at the moment - 4 los pending publishing and now a commission! I also have another little venture in the pipeline so it is all go on the crafting front - which I love.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The sun has shone all day and all is well with the world.

2. I have had loads of time to scrap as well as doing other things (oh how I love the summer hols).

3. I have started sorting the photos on my computer - a monumental job and am going to try to do an hour a day on this onerous task. I deleted 16,000 - yes thousand copies yesterday. I had nine copies of some photos in nine different locations - why?



Blog entries are like buses

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Well what do you know, you wait for ages for an entry to the blog and then suddenly, two come along at once!

Taking the Rainbows to the zoo was fantastic. They all behaved impeccably and were polite and considerate to each other and to the other visitors at the zoo. The mums that came along to help were brilliant and Sheena took charge of directing everyone which left me at the back - pulling the cart, with all the backpacks on, and making sure that everyone kept up. It was a brilliant arrangement and I think that we all had a fabulous time. I haven't been to Colchester Zoo for such a long time and it has changed so much. I love all the areas where you can go in with the animals and there is just too much to see in just 5 hours. The time just flew by.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone as a fabulous place to spend a day but think that their customer services stink! I bought a ticket for one of the girls online and then she was poorly and could not come but they refused to refund the money on the ticket. I think that is mean when we were obviously a Rainbow pack and funds are always tight. Never mind, we had a super day and I am really tired but soooooo chilled.

Reasons to be cheerful (part 2):-

1. The zoo trip was a blast.

2. I loved being able to get in with the sloths (if there was ever an animal that looked like a stuffed toy they are it).

3. The rain only appeared in short bursts and nobody got really wet.


1 Down - Well Almost

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A couple of months ago I made a lo documenting the things I never got around to doing, but hoped Gracia does, and some of the things I did, and hope Gracia doesn't! On the top of my list of 'Things I hope you do' was to go to a live concert. Yesterday she dipped her toe into the realms of live music and loved it. There was a festival on the heath, which could well be my front garden as it is so close to our house, with live music all day and various attractions and shows. The finale was a firework display and another band.

Hannah came over for the day and the girls 'dipped' in and out of the festival but were determined to go to the fireworks and final band at 11.00pm. Off they went, David followed at a discrete distance "just to make sure they are safe" and I followed, with my camera after the fireworks, which incidentally were let off about 50 yards from my front gate.

It was fabulous to see them having such a good time and I am so glad that, despite having a boyfriend, Gracia values Hannah's friendship as much now as she did 8 years ago when they met.

They came home tired, but happy and chatted in bed until 1am, at which point I requested, quite loudly, some peace and quite as I had to get up early today for a trip to the zoo with my Rainbow pack.

So, although it wasn't a 'proper' concert, it's a start. Just thinking about the fabulous day the girls had together, yesterday, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Gracia and Hannah's friendship is such a blessing and I hope it continues long into their adult lives.

2. I found time to make a whole lo, in one day yesterday - no faffing about for days trying to find a few minutes here and there now the summer holidays are here :)

3. We are so fortunate to live where we do and it just seems to get better and better all the time.



Gassing with the Girls

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I am feeling a tad guilty about not blogging for such a long time but what with work, the business, Sunday school, Rainbows, running a teenager around non-stop to name but a few demands on my time I have very little time for myself and would rather make stuff than blog. Things may, and I underline the may, change when the school holidays start on Friday.

I did go to our local crop, yesterday, and had such a blast with the girls there. They are such a friendly bunch and I am ashamed to say that from 10.15 to 2.15 all I got done was to cut out the photos and pattern paper, make the butterflies and do the sewing for this lo (I had to finish it at home yesterday evening). Most of the components are from the BellaBoo June kit - scrummy!

(After inspection from Gracia - I now have to change some of the photos).

I know, you must be saying to yourself, how can it take that long to do so little. Well, chatting is the answer. I am lucky, in that, I go to 2 different crops most months, at one I am quite productive and usually make 4 or 5 pages. The other one, the one I went to yesterday, I seem to spend more time chatting than cropping! The crop is held in a house and it really has the atmosphere of a coffee morning more than a crop and I love it!

Gracia has been off school for 3 weeks so far and I have to say the results are fairly predictable – time spent doing jobs around the house while David and I are at work – minimal, time spent on her laptop using Face book or watching endless reruns of Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty or out with friends or reading the whole series of the Harry Potter books – almost every waking moment (which doesn't usually start until well into the day). Hey ho, that is a normal teenager for you!

Talking of Gracia, she took another two dance exams yesterday so fingers crossed that she did well, not that she really needs the results as she already has her place on the A Level dance course at the local 6th Form collage.

I am typing this when I am really supposed to be doing David’s invoices – I seem to say that every month! So had better get on and get some done or the pennies will stop coming in.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Only 5 more days until the 6 week summer holidays.

2. I taught Sunday school this morning, to the pre-school children, and they were able to relate the bible story back to their parents at the end (the girl did good).

3. I have felt really ‘chilled’ this week, I don’t know why because things are pretty manic at the moment, but long may that feeling stay.