1 Down - Well Almost

07:59 Karen 0 Comments

A couple of months ago I made a lo documenting the things I never got around to doing, but hoped Gracia does, and some of the things I did, and hope Gracia doesn't! On the top of my list of 'Things I hope you do' was to go to a live concert. Yesterday she dipped her toe into the realms of live music and loved it. There was a festival on the heath, which could well be my front garden as it is so close to our house, with live music all day and various attractions and shows. The finale was a firework display and another band.

Hannah came over for the day and the girls 'dipped' in and out of the festival but were determined to go to the fireworks and final band at 11.00pm. Off they went, David followed at a discrete distance "just to make sure they are safe" and I followed, with my camera after the fireworks, which incidentally were let off about 50 yards from my front gate.

It was fabulous to see them having such a good time and I am so glad that, despite having a boyfriend, Gracia values Hannah's friendship as much now as she did 8 years ago when they met.

They came home tired, but happy and chatted in bed until 1am, at which point I requested, quite loudly, some peace and quite as I had to get up early today for a trip to the zoo with my Rainbow pack.

So, although it wasn't a 'proper' concert, it's a start. Just thinking about the fabulous day the girls had together, yesterday, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Gracia and Hannah's friendship is such a blessing and I hope it continues long into their adult lives.

2. I found time to make a whole lo, in one day yesterday - no faffing about for days trying to find a few minutes here and there now the summer holidays are here :)

3. We are so fortunate to live where we do and it just seems to get better and better all the time.