Blog entries are like buses

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Well what do you know, you wait for ages for an entry to the blog and then suddenly, two come along at once!

Taking the Rainbows to the zoo was fantastic. They all behaved impeccably and were polite and considerate to each other and to the other visitors at the zoo. The mums that came along to help were brilliant and Sheena took charge of directing everyone which left me at the back - pulling the cart, with all the backpacks on, and making sure that everyone kept up. It was a brilliant arrangement and I think that we all had a fabulous time. I haven't been to Colchester Zoo for such a long time and it has changed so much. I love all the areas where you can go in with the animals and there is just too much to see in just 5 hours. The time just flew by.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone as a fabulous place to spend a day but think that their customer services stink! I bought a ticket for one of the girls online and then she was poorly and could not come but they refused to refund the money on the ticket. I think that is mean when we were obviously a Rainbow pack and funds are always tight. Never mind, we had a super day and I am really tired but soooooo chilled.

Reasons to be cheerful (part 2):-

1. The zoo trip was a blast.

2. I loved being able to get in with the sloths (if there was ever an animal that looked like a stuffed toy they are it).

3. The rain only appeared in short bursts and nobody got really wet.