Gassing with the Girls

21:07 Karen 0 Comments

I am feeling a tad guilty about not blogging for such a long time but what with work, the business, Sunday school, Rainbows, running a teenager around non-stop to name but a few demands on my time I have very little time for myself and would rather make stuff than blog. Things may, and I underline the may, change when the school holidays start on Friday.

I did go to our local crop, yesterday, and had such a blast with the girls there. They are such a friendly bunch and I am ashamed to say that from 10.15 to 2.15 all I got done was to cut out the photos and pattern paper, make the butterflies and do the sewing for this lo (I had to finish it at home yesterday evening). Most of the components are from the BellaBoo June kit - scrummy!

(After inspection from Gracia - I now have to change some of the photos).

I know, you must be saying to yourself, how can it take that long to do so little. Well, chatting is the answer. I am lucky, in that, I go to 2 different crops most months, at one I am quite productive and usually make 4 or 5 pages. The other one, the one I went to yesterday, I seem to spend more time chatting than cropping! The crop is held in a house and it really has the atmosphere of a coffee morning more than a crop and I love it!

Gracia has been off school for 3 weeks so far and I have to say the results are fairly predictable – time spent doing jobs around the house while David and I are at work – minimal, time spent on her laptop using Face book or watching endless reruns of Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty or out with friends or reading the whole series of the Harry Potter books – almost every waking moment (which doesn't usually start until well into the day). Hey ho, that is a normal teenager for you!

Talking of Gracia, she took another two dance exams yesterday so fingers crossed that she did well, not that she really needs the results as she already has her place on the A Level dance course at the local 6th Form collage.

I am typing this when I am really supposed to be doing David’s invoices – I seem to say that every month! So had better get on and get some done or the pennies will stop coming in.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Only 5 more days until the 6 week summer holidays.

2. I taught Sunday school this morning, to the pre-school children, and they were able to relate the bible story back to their parents at the end (the girl did good).

3. I have felt really ‘chilled’ this week, I don’t know why because things are pretty manic at the moment, but long may that feeling stay.