Ok - I fibbed a bit!

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I said I would blog this photo on Saturday but I have been really excited about a little project I am doing and just did not make the time to blog :( (sorry)!

Once I have finalised the design and really sorted out all I have to do I will share it but at the moment I have to keep it under wraps :)

Don't you think that these shoes are the business? I absolutely love them and would acquire a pair in an instant if Gracia didn't love them so much too! (Can't be seen in the same shoes as your mum). It is nice to think that there are some things that we both like even though we have a 37 year age gap!

Well, the laying in state of the Smug finished earlier than anticipated and when I returned from my Tesco shop on Sunday, I found David where I had left him - sitting on the sofa watching motorbike racing. It is unusual for David to sit around at the weekend so I did say "I can't believe you are still where I left you". (Not said in a mean way but just surprised). BUT when I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea - there was the little beauty in all its glory and in situ. He must have worked his little socks off while I was away and then pretended that he had been watching the tv all the time - what a little monkey!

I took great delight in emptying the old fridge/freezer (which is in the lounge and the furthest possible distance from the kitchen) and filling up the new one. Doesn't it look great? I keep having to open the fridge to look inside - it has a place for everything and it looks so neat and tidy. The old fridge/freezer was about 20 years old and the plastic shelves in the fridge and the fronts to the freezer drawers had broken long ago - all I could do was pile food into the fridge and hope that each time I opened the freezer door the contents of a front less drawer would not tumble out onto the floor! We live an unusual life in our little household but would I change a thing - not on your life!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My little secret project is coming along nicely - just awaiting a delivery from the postman, hopefully today.

2. A nice hot bath to start the day is awaiting me.

3. I lost 1.5 lb last week and now feel that with a bit more effort I can shift the other 20 + that I would like to loose.