Onwards and Upwards

19:11 Karen 0 Comments

Today has been a really good day, lots of things done, 3 loads of washing dried but not ironed (come on this is me we are talking about), invoices typed, lounge and bathroom cleaned and tidied, banking banked, and I took Kiera on a power walk down to the river with Gracia (when she finally got dressed at 5.00pm - Gracia not the dog)!

But best of all I have had a little project I have been working on commissioned by a magazine. My crafting is going from strength to strength at the moment - 4 los pending publishing and now a commission! I also have another little venture in the pipeline so it is all go on the crafting front - which I love.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The sun has shone all day and all is well with the world.

2. I have had loads of time to scrap as well as doing other things (oh how I love the summer hols).

3. I have started sorting the photos on my computer - a monumental job and am going to try to do an hour a day on this onerous task. I deleted 16,000 - yes thousand copies yesterday. I had nine copies of some photos in nine different locations - why?