So Far So Good!

18:27 Karen 0 Comments

I am trying to blog little and often to try to get into the habit. So far so good - 4 posts in 3 days. I had a fabulous lunch with a friend today at a local garden center, vegetable soup and egg sandwiches - yum! It was good to catch up and our lunch lasted from 1.00 until 4.10 when we decided we really ought to leave. We then stood in the car park for several minutes still talking - the measure of a good lunch when neither wants it to end.

When I eventually got home Gracia and I walked the dog around the block, which is about 2 miles and we power walked all the way. Today was one of those days when we found everything amusing and laughed all the way round, especially when we made our tongues blue by sucking M&Ms.

Finally, look at these beautiful flowers - just how I like my flowers big and bold and beautiful. I am not one for pale delicate flowers, give me the show girls, the flashy bright girls, of the flower world any time and I am happy. They were a gift from the children's mums in the class I work in. One mum organised a collection and then bought the TA's a beautiful bunch of flowers each and a Thornton's chocolate plaque with a thank you iced on. What a sensible thing to do as I love the idea of one present rather than lots of little ones. It makes sense as some people can afford more than others and so one communal present puts everyone on an even level.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I laughed and chatted for most of the afternoon and renewed a friendship.

2. I count myself blessed to have Gracia for company on days like today.

3. I am just about to make mushroom tagliatelle for tea - can't wait.