Who Did It?

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I took Gracia and Hannah to Lakeside shopping yesterday, it was a late birthday shopping trip. As I was leaving them there to go and visit family in Sittingbourne I parked the car, went in with them to arrange a place to meet up later and then returned to the yellow car park to get my car. It was not there! I spent half an hour searching, I even stopped a man who was cleaning to ask him what other car parks were near and he said only the yellow one and the purple - I know I had not parked it in the purple one as I would have had to pass bollards to get to House of Fraser (the shop we entered from the car park) so it had to be in the yellow one! After touring it once again I decided that the only thing left to do was to go back into House of Frazer, and try every exit from the shop until I found my car. After trying 3 exitsI found my car parked exactly where I knew it should be but in the RED car park. So I would like to know who moved my car because I am absoultely, without any shadow of a doubt, certain that I parked it in the yellow car park!

I went to visit family and then returned to find this:-

They only shopped for 6 hours and only 'bought essentials for college'. I will show you tomorrow exactly what Gracia purchased!

A page to celebrate my love of big, bright and bold flowers. Everyone who knows me knows that I love the 'showgirls' of the flower world.

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. My new Smug (yes we do call it a Smug and not a Smeg) fridge/freezer arrived today. It is having it's ceremonial laying in state in the dining room before being put into the kitchen. (Everyone who knows us will understand that all things have to have a period of just standing in the wrong room or in the right room but still in their packaging before being put into place - why I just don't know).

2. David has had the day off from work today and I have really enjoyed having him around.

3. It was lovely visiting my aunt, uncle, sister and cousin yesterday