Birthdays, Bullocks and Bruises

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It was my boy's birthday yesterday. He is not big on birthdays, like Gracie and me and likes a very low key affair - he even said "Shall I pretend to be excited for Gracie?" How sad is that, not even excited on your own birthday. We Gracia and I always make up for the lack of excitement by being hyper excited instead! We even had to prompt him to open his presents at about 8.00pm - he had forgotten he had presents to open - how could anyone not rip the paper off the instant they are given presents is beyond belief!

I spent most of yesterday making Christmas journals - they took longer than I expected but I am hoping that as I ironed out the problems as I went along the next batch will be quicker.

After I retrieved Gracie from Hannah's (I think Eileen will have to start charging rent the amount of time Gracie spends in her house) and we went 'birthday food' shopping at Sainsburys I made a Pizza Pie for tea and Gracia made a profiterole birthday cake. It was quite spectacular.

We all went for an early evening walk down to the river. What a glorious evening and what a fabulous time we had. David and Gracie fooled about the whole time and it really gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to see the the bond they have. I took the final photo for my 'Seasons of Love' lo that has been a year in the planning and now I have a photo of the two of them walking for all seasons!

We saw these absolutely beautiful bullocks (they were getting very frisky at one point and I had to look away!)

a hot air balloon

played chase the stick with Kiera

they did Superman impressions

and Gracia gave us a demonstration of her speed walking skills (she thinks she could be an Olympic contender!) I laughed so much that a man painting his gate stopped what he was doing to stare at me!

Finally look at the state of poor Gracia's leg. The blooming wasp sting has left a horrible bruise.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. We are going to the cinema with Eileen and Hannah to see The Time Traveller's Wife, this evening.

2. I have two los in Scrapbook Inspiration this month so am going to buy a copy.

3. July's invoices are finished - I only have August's invoices, the VAT return and the year ends for both business to do now!



Ladkyis said...

She could be allergic to wasp stings. That's how it started with me. The first sting swelled up so that the area was about 4-5 inches across. The next time it spread right up my leg and the third time I got stun on my toe and my throat swelled up. Make sure she is tested because it is REALLY dangerous. I have to carry an epipen now just incase - I haven't been stung in 28 years but it could be fatal. Please get her tested just in case, to prove me wrong.