Cleaning, Cutting and Sticking

20:42 Karen 0 Comments

This morning was spent mostly getting reacquainted with these

Yes I cleaned the house from top to bottom and it is so nice to see the results of my labour.
I also spent this afternoon pasting photographs into a mini book but am not entirely pleased with the result and will sleep on it and make a decision whether to start again or whether it will grow on me.

Gracia has had her bf over for the day and they have had a lovely day walking the dog, playing football on the heath, watching numerous dvd's and other innocent activities that teenagers get up to together.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. HP have accepted that there is a fault with Gracia's laptop and are going to fix it free of charge!

2. Tomorrow is the weekend which means that David will be at home with us for the next two days :)

3. I have booked for us to go to Go Ape and am really excited at the prospect of hanging from trees for several hours!