Non Productive Scrapping

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What a busy couple of days I've had. Crop on Saturday :), tidying the spare room on Sunday :( and scrapping with my mate Julie today :) :) :).

On Saturday I went to the local crop - I have said it before that it is so laid back that it is like a coffee morning with a bit of scrapping thrown in just to show willing (well on my part anyway). The other girls were all very productive and producing pages and cards like they were going out of fashion - me well, I cut out some trees and stickled on them (I hate the effect so they are destined for the bin), and started to make a mini album and these few tasks took me from 10am until 4pm - I should be ashamed of myself. I always thought I was a speedy scrapper but my snail's pace scrapping was brought home to me today when Julie made 5 pages for an album she is doing and me - I decorated 5 pages of my mini book, 1 page was 12cm x 10cm (yes read cm and not inches), 2 pages were 14cm x 11cm and 2 pages were 16cm x 12cm and at least half of all these pages were taken up by photographs, in fact the last page was all photograph!

Talking of photos, I was fooled into ordering some from Snapfish on Thursday and they have yet to arrive. As 11 of them are for the mini album I had to use black and white laser prints as temporary photos just for the size and positioning. I know now why I use Photo Box - order in by 4.00 Thursday, through your letterbox on Friday!

This little beauty is the album cover (can you tell I am pleased with it?) It is a pictorial diary of Gracia's prom day and she wrote the journaling for me to type onto the journaling spots. I am thrilled with the result as it is her view on the day rather than mine. I used Scrapagogo hybrid elements from May, June and July for the journaling spots and changed their colours to tie in with the project. If my photos arrive tomorrow I will put them in and post some more photos.

I've been ispired by Karen Cole's blog, to try to blog everyday for the next week - so far so good! (Did you see that flock of pigs fly past when I suggested that I might blog every day this week?)

Yesterday, it took me from 10am until 6pm, only stopping for lunch, to sort out the spare bedroom. It's a job I have been putting off for weeks. It was not so much as an ironing pile as an ironing room! I sorted and tidied all the boxes and bags of various stuff and then tackled the huge pile of clothes. It took me hours to sort them into piles for Gracie, David and me (if anyone has lost a sock, I am sure we have enough odd ones to make up any possible permutation of socks) and then I had all mine to put away. I am not really a bad wife and mother it's just that I absolutely hate housework and ironing with such a passion - it seems such a pointless and thankless task and one that will need doing again a couple of hours later!

This photo is so blurred - I am convinced that's because I was shaking at the prospect of having to tackle this mess:)

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have had such a laugh today with Julie - she is so funny and knows which buttons to push to wind me up!

2. The spare bedroom now looks like a spare bedroom rather than the European ironing mountain?

3. Bread is baking and soup is cooking ready for tea - I can't wait.