A Quick Little Blog

21:21 Karen 0 Comments

Just a quick little blog to show willing as I am really tired this evening.

I have had a lovely afternoon with my best Scrap Bud Eileen. I scrapped and finished a lo all but the journalling and she ....... well she didn't scrap one little bit. Not a piece of paper was cut nor a blob of glue glued! Eileen spent all afternoon tidying up her scrap room. I can't complain as I did benefit greatly from this with all sorts of scrapping goodies! Thank you Eileen xxx

(Sorry about the bad photo Eileen)

I also picked up Gracia's laptop from the computer hospital only to be told that they could not do anything with it as the mother board was corrupt! Not what you want to hear about a very expensive laptop that is only 18 months old. HP have had a very fiery e-mail from me this evening!

I finished the lo when I got home and scanned it (badly) I can't be bothered to mess about with the scanner - the only reason I scanned this lo is that it was too dark to photograph. I will photograph it tomorrow and replace the bad photo.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Even though it is not working correctly Gracia is happy to have her laptop back and be able to Facebook to whom ever she likes, when ever she likes.

2. I spent a lovely relaxing afternoon with Eileen (waves to Eileen xxxxx) and managed to get a lo 80% finished in 2 1/2 hours - a record for me at the moment.

3. I am off to make a nice hot chocolate for Gracia and me and then off for an early night - I hope.