Retrospective Blogging Is OK!

09:10 Karen 0 Comments

Sometimes when I get home late, like yesterday, I cannot be bothered to update my blog but then in the morning wish I had. So I have decided that retrospective blogging is ok.

Yesterday I took Kiera down to the woods for a lovely long walk, yet again, I do so love the woods as everytime we go there is something new to look at.

So on the way I found this little treasure - a beautiful blue Jay feather and it got me thinking about how I used to have a treasure box when I was little to keep things like this in. I now just pin them up to the board by the side of my desk so in fact my whole desk is a treasure box! I also pondered on the wonders of nature - how beautiful creation is. If you showed someone, who had never seen one before, a drawing of a peacock or a tropical fish or even a bird of paradise flower they would think you had made it up because they are so fantasticly beautiful. I never cease to be amazed by the beauty that is all around.

We had our lunch here in the woods where I sat on a fallen tree and Kiera snuffled about - I am hoping she is turning into a truffle dog and we can make some money from our woodland exploits.

I had a Quorn and coleslaw sandwich (sorry about the bite out of it but I was ravenous), a yogurt (which I had to eat without a spoon because I found that on my desk when I got back. Good job it was a runny yogurt and not a set one.) and a large handful of blueberries - yum! Kiera had a piece of chicken I found in the fridge from earlier in the week. A treat for her because a) we don't normally feed her at lunch time and b) we don't usually allow her to have 'people' food. Her lunch went down in about 5 seconds and because I was so hungry mine didn't take much longer.

We then walked through the woods

and through the fields home. Absolute bliss.

We both crashed out for an hour when we got home - it was so hot and the last mile home was a real trudge.

In the evening we went to see The Time Traveller's Wife. Loved the film but surprisingly did not cry one little bit. I am not sure why because I can cry at the slightest thing but not at this film.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I fully intend to repeat my lunch in the woods experience, today.

2. I have decided I need more adventure in my life and so have signed up for a charity abseil.

3. I may well grab my cup of tea and return to bed for a while with my book - how decadent is that?