Speed Stitching and Other Things

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I may not be a fast scrapper but when called upon to do so I can be a very speedy stitcher. Gracia said this morning "Can you make me a skirt please Mum?" I said I would and asked when she wanted it for - would you believe that she wanted it to go out in at 12:40 today! So this was the fabric - (a dress she had bought on e-bay and had taken apart
) at 10:45

and this was the finished skirt (complete with a zip and waistband) at 12:36 - made with 4 minutes to spare. Not bad going when I hadn't intended on doing any sewing today.

This afternoon I started with this

and turned it into these. They are the covers of my Christmas journals. I need to add some bling and the titles but they are coming along nicely.

Finally, I took Kiera down to the river for a swim. Oh that dog loves the water so much, it's funny really because when she was little she hated the water.

The first photo on my little montage shows the scenery only 1 minutes walk from my front gate - we really appreciate how lucky we are living here. The second is Kiera in the water. The third is the little pill box we pass every time we go down to the river or up to Bergholt Woods and the fourth is the lovely bales of hay in one of the local fields. They were harvesting these on Friday evening when David and I walked down to the river and boy did it smell and make your eyes itch.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have started on my little journals, which I have been putting off for a while, and am really pleased with the results.

2. I had my breakfast in the bath this morning while I read a good book - how decadent is that?

3. I live in hope that my Snapfish order will materialise tomorrow!