A Very English Afternoon

21:58 Karen 0 Comments

This morning started early as I was doing the intercession prayers at Church. I love going to church, the warm feeling I get singing hymns, the companionship of my church family and the teaching from Andy and Mike. So I got up early to write my prayer and as usual it was a simple, from the heart, prayer. Many of the people who do the intercession prayers can write amazing, deep and thought provoking ones but me - I just tell it from the heart in a simple way, praising and asking for the the things that are important to me as a woman and a mother. So there are no deep meaningful thoughts just thanks for all the lovely things in our lives and all around us and thanks for the safety of our children and the love from our families - both church and home.

This afternoon, we went over to David's mum's house (should there be two apostrophes in that sentence?) for lunch in her beautiful garden, as his brother and family were visiting from the Lake District. I really get on with my SIL and we are taking our girls out for lunch tomorrow - just the 4 of us.

The boys played badminton and fooled around and us girls did what girls do best - sat in the sun and chatted.

I love the way Kiera snuggled up to David at the end of the afternoon - even though she has spent most of the holidays with me, she is still his dog :(

Finally, before going home I had a lovely cup of tea in a proper cup and a piece (or two) of this delicious boiled fruit cake.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. This afternoon has been simply sublime.

2. I am so looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

3. I have managed to blog every day for a week - although in the beginning I doubted that I would.