"You have walked 9584 steps!"

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That is what my step counter told me, in an American accent, when I got back from walking the dog this morning. I reckon that Kiera and I walked about 5.5 miles and all before 10:30. We walked over to Hannah's yesterday to pick up Gracia and then the three of us walked back (approx 2.5 miles each way) and so David suggested I walk the dog up to Hill House Woods today.

The idea, which I firstly dismissed out of hand, grew on me and so off we went.
Kiera dragged this huge log for at least a mile - the silly moo (I love that phrase, shades of 'Till Death Us Do Part' there) until I had to physically drag her away from it so that we could continue our walk without her having to sit down every 100 yards because she was out of breath.

She had such fun

in the puddles

in the mud

in the stream (sorry about the freaky eyes)

So 9584 steps later I am at my
pc eating a chocolate biscuit and undoing the 400 calories that I burnt off walking.

A final picture of how
Kiera looked, back home, at the end of the walk. She had a good time - honest!

Reasons to be Cheerful:

1. I had a lovely time chatting with a friend yesterday morning - I only popped in and stayed for an hour and 45 minutes!

2. Gracia, very kindly, gave me her little Nikon, which now means that I can carry a little camera about with me and take as many photos as I like on walks etc. Note to self - take some extra batteries so that you don't run out half way through the walk!

3. I fully intend to do some scrapping (for myself) today so may well post a little something later, but don't hold your breath because you know what I am like ;)