Back to School :)

22:03 Karen 0 Comments

Well almost. It was only 2 hours and only staff but a bit of a warm up for tomorrow when the children return. I have high hopes for this year with the teacher, staff and children I am working with I know that this is going to be a lovely class.

So what have I learnt today?

That I really love my red shoes - they may be old and worn but they are really comfy and I adore their funkiness.

That going back to work after the long holidays is not such a bad thing.

That I can get ready for work in 15 minutes - scrapping too late into the morning.

That sometimes it is better to walk away than fight.

That I should go to bed earlier during the week because I do not, under any circumstances, function well on too little sleep and that everybody around me suffers.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The recent feeling of calm and well being continues.

2. So far I am keeping up with the LSNED prompts.

3. My daughter loves me very much and really does appreciate everything I do for her. :D (typed by Gracia)