Commutative - what a lovely word.

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Sunday 13th - Learn Something New Everyday

Today I have learnt a new word - commutative. During the maths lesson the children were being taught to multiply by repeated addition and how to change multiplication number sentences around. 'In mathematics, commutativity is the property that changing the order of something does not change the end result.

I wrote it down on my hand so as not to forget it as I was so delighted with my new word!

So in addition to learning a new word what else have I learnt today:-

I can squeeze in a bit of surfing between doing the invoices.

The girls in my Rainbow pack absolutely loved playing board games this evening, I thought this would be an activity they would find boring but they really had fun.

I will be home at 6:30 in teenage language translates into actually arriving home at 8:20 (after three phone calls extending the time).

It is heart warming, when David is home before me, to have this little girl racing to the gate to meet me.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I am not too old to learn something new.

2. After 25 years together David and I still find something to laugh at every day (usually something I have done)!

3. We all had such fun playing board games at Rainbows today.



Polly said...

What cool upbeat and positive lessons - I love that as most of mine seem to be about things I've done wrong!

You're right, being greeted by a happy dog is one of the very best welcome homes you can have. I might just make that my lesson for today - thanks for teaching me!