Don't Shop When You're Tired!

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LSNED for Sunday.

Yesterday I made the sensible decision to go to bed as soon as I got in from my meeting at 10 pm and am so glad I did. I felt I should have blogged and made my page for yesterday but I was too tired. Today I feel fresher and ready to face a new day so it was a good move!

What lessons did yesterday bring me :-

That now I only have 45 minutes for lunch I cannot afford to do 30 minutes prep then go to the loo, make a cup of tea and deal with a child's problem before I eat my lunch because if I do I will end up with only 5 minutes to eat my lunch!

That I shouldn't go shopping when I am tired as I misread the labels that say save £3.00 and think £3.00 is the price and then get a shock when I arrive at the checkout with some stationery from WHSmiths thinking I had spent about £5/£6 and the bill comes to £21.00 - it did seem too good to be true as I was putting things into my basket. The lady at the checkout was not very pleased when I picked through my purchases asking her to remove most of them from my bill!

That it is possible to do the banking and have a quick shop in Colchester in 30 minutes thus making it possible to take advantage of a free 30 minute parking space and saving myself almost £3.00 parking fees.

LSNED 7th September

Reasons to be Cheerful:

1. The little spelling group I am running all fell into place and run very nicely yesterday because of a fantastic suggestion from my colleague Jackie.

2. I can russle up a passable meal in 15 minutes - pasta is such a wonderful food!

3. I had the courage to admit my mistake and ask for things to be put back on the shelf and not spend extra money just to save face.