Hey - Who's Viewing My Blog?

11:41 Karen 2 Comments

September 11th - Learn Something New Every Day.

Lesson from yesterday was that if you don't get enough sleep for two nights in a row it impacts greatly on your day to day functioning!

I went to our local crop yesterday and a good job it was local. Due to lack of sleep over the past two days, when I got there I realised I hadn't got a cutting mat. Sue kindly loaned me one and then I realised that I hadn't got my box of tools, my inks and so many other essentials! The fact that it had taken me 2 hours to realise this indicates that I was doing more chatting, drinking tea and eating cookies than scrapping. Off I went home to get the things I needed - 6 miles each way only to return still minus my inks. No way was I going home again so managed without. So what did I achieve the whole time I was there? I am ashamed to say all I did was stick two previously cut strips of paper into my LSNED album, write the journalling for Friday and cut it into strips, trim some photos of Kiera in the snow and draw 5 snowflakes! It's a good job I am not being paid to scrap as we would be in dire straights!

I am pleased to have learnt:-

Under no circumstances have two nights with little sleep.

It it a joy to crop with the Colchester ladies as the day is such a social event that if no scrapping is done at all it really doesn't matter - just sitting drinking tea, eating cookies and chatting is more than enough for me, any scrapping that gets done is a bonus.

I really like Blink-182's music.

Pizza while watching the X-Factor is THE way to spend a Saturday evening.

BUT the learning on my page for today is that people like to view my blog. When I logged onto the Internet yesterday my blog counter read 999 views. So I logged off and logged on again so that it read 1,000 and then did a print screen to preserve this momentous occasion. I am amazed that people are interested in our provincial lives but am immensely proud that they are.

September 12th - Learn Something New Every Day

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have the rest of the day to do as I please - so it will involve typing some invoices for David (to make him happy), sorting out Gracia's bus times for Tuesday (to make her happy) and perhaps a little light scrapping (to make me happy).

2. I have washed 5 loads of washing and my washing pile is now non existent.

3. My circle of friends is increasing all the time, both physical and cyber friendships are flourishing.



Mel said...

Sure, you didn't get alot done as you had Maddie to coo over for half of it!

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