Karen - You worry too much!

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Learn Something New Every Day - Sept 14th

Learn Something New Everyday - September 15th

Things to remember from yesterday :-

I worry about silly things, even though Gracia is 16. Yesterday was the first day she had a 'late' into college. As the local bus is not too local and buses are very infrequent I worried that she would miss it and would have to wait a couple of hours for the next or, as would likely be the case, I would have to dash off to get her to college! So I asked her to text me when she was on the bus - for goodness sake Karen she is 16 and perfectly capable of walking to the bus stop in time and catching a bus. So I waited anxiously for the text which should have come at about 10:05. I then got three texts in quick succession. Unfortunately, it was the wrong bus company for her to use her bus pass :(

So the moral of the story is 'Karen you worry too much'.

Also yesterday, I learnt that I can't watch all 150 children when I am out on playground duty and if some are being mean to a little girl, as bad as it is, it is not my fault that I did not catch it in time to stop it as I cannot be in every place on the playground by myself! (OK moaning over).

Gracia has an obsession with buying clothes from e-bay at the moment - in fact her opening words to me this morning were "Oh mummy - could you pay for something from e-bay for me?" I don't mind as she buys some absolute bargains - a Top Shop skirt (still with the labels on) for 99p! The downside of this is that as she is a size 6, more often than not they need altering to fit her so I am altering her purchases almost on a daily basis at the moment.

If I ask David will willingly go and get Gracia from her CO2 practice, thus saving me having to pitch out at 10.00 on an evening when I am really tied.

Also - it is important to make sure that David has left his house keys when he has taken my car to pick up Gracia. It is pointless planning an early night when you don't have a key to lock the front door and therefore have to wait up for David and Gracia to return anyway, before you can go to bed.

And what have I learnt today?

What I am really pleased to have learnt today is about Humpty Dumpty. This was in fact a large canon which was mounted on a church in Colchester during the English Civil War. Details here.

That actually, a couple of hours at home on my own is rather nice.

Playing 'playground' games with the children in the afternoon can be a bit hair raising when the boys play rough!

When David plans to go away for the weekend I should plan for an ironing marathon of all that he needs before he goes.

Learn Something New Every Day - September 16th (an early entry!)

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I am beginning to appreciate the evenings I now seem to have to myself - I can do as I please for a couple of hours.

2. I am going to Eileen's tomorrow for a couple of hours scrapping after work.

3. Now Gracia has managed to catch the bus ok I have one less thing to worry about.