Oh My Word - Can It Get Any Busier?

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I sometimes wonder how I can let things get so manic and then have to conclude that because I am so disorganised and take on so much perhaps I like it that way. This week has been so completely manic that I have not been able to upload the last 4 days of
LSNED until today. I have utterly loved this project and am sad that I couldn't post on the relevant days but at least I got my pages done and have now uploaded them.

So I will use my pages to tell the story of my past week.

On Wednesday, I
re learnt that I really should have gone to bed earlier than 11:45 on Tuesday night, especially after the late cake baking night on Monday!

On Thursday I learnt that if I keep a bag packed with a couple of page kits and a basic tool kit I can go for a couple of hours scrapping at Eileen's without too much bother with packing stuff before I go.

On Friday I learnt that my doll Freckles, who I took into school for a 'Show Your Old Toys' session was an extremely popular visitor.

On Saturday I learnt that the
Wyverstone Crop is the place to be on the last Saturday of the month and there are no better bunch of girls to spend it with.

On Sunday I learnt that teaching Sunday School in the morning and going to the Back to Church Sunday service in the evening helps you to re-evaluate your

And yesterday I learnt that because I spent so much time out at the weekend (including going to a party Saturday night and not going to bed until nearly 1.00am) I was so busy that I forgot to take any photographs. Instead I typed up an
itinerary of my day and put that on my page!

So what have I learnt today:-

I am still really tired from all excesses of the weekend and so can only conclude that I am getting old :)

Positive praise is so much better than nagging the children.

On a sunny day you can't beat being on playground duty and chatting to the children, hearing them laugh and watching most of them play nicely.

BUT my big learning for today surprised even me, it was how grateful I felt when David said that he would run Gracia and her friend to their theatre group this evening. I usually take them and this involves a 30 minute round trip and then I usually have to get our meal when I get back. Today I got the meal while David was out and was able to update a little more of my blog.

Leaving you with 2
los I made at Wyverstone on Saturday. Both were made using sketches and the first one was part of a challange to use a page kit that Janice and Lorraine had put together. How spooky that I had gone to Tesco's on Saturday morning and bought a pack of felt flowers and butterflies that went beautifully with the kit.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. There are not many jobs where you are paid to watch children laughing and having fun - I am glad that I have one of them.

2. I have done all the work I am going to do for David today and look forward to an evening with just the two of chilling in front of the t.v.

3. I am pleased I made up the remaining pages for my
LSNED book at Wyverstone on Saturday so even though I have been busy all I had to do each day was print out a photo to stick in and write the journalling strips.