Only 1001 things to do today!

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Learn Something New Every Day - Day 4

A very quick blog entry as I am just sooooo busy today. I thought I only had 1001 things to do today and it turns out that I actually have 1002 and the extra 1 is a major job! I am so grateful to my bud Eileen for buying me the 1 thing I had to go to town for thus relieving me of the task of parking in Colchester for a quick shop.

David has finished cutting the hedge without any further mishap and we now have a beautifully tidy garden.

Lessons learnt today :-

Don't rely on what you read on page 1, page 2 may say different! I received the usual termly e-mail with the dates when I am teaching Sunday school. On page 2 of the attachment, the one which usually tells you what team you are in, I am down as being in team 3. On page 1, the one with the dates you are taking Sunday School, I am down as being in Team 1 - HELP I realised at 11.00am that I am teaching Sunday School tomorrow and not the 20th. So today I have to prepare for Sunday School as well as having to cut out 50 shrink plastic crowns, make a visitors book for the100 celebration party for Girl Guiding tomorrow. Moral of the story - always read both pages of your e-mail attachments and not just the one you think has the relevant information!

I learnt that after completely cleaning and tidying the downstairs today it only takes 15 minutes to turn the tidy table into this.

That Gracie is a kind and loving daughter - I saw these last week and didn't buy them because a) I felt I couldn't really justify buying them as they were a want and not a need and b) we had a lot of expenses last week. So my little love went into town today and bought them for me xxxx

To say 'Yes Please' when somebody offers to help and not just struggle on.

But my main lesson learnt today is that by just taking 10 minutes out with a cup of tea and a muffin things look less manic and more manageable!

Reasons to be cheerful

1. I have finished the visitors book and cut out 25 crowns, done the banking, the Asda shop and cooked dinner today when at 11.00 I was in a panic about getting anything done today.

2. I have friends who pitch in when needed.

3. I am so pleased that I anticipated it being a manic weekend and made up pages for my LSNED album in advance so that all I had to do today was write and add the journaling strips and take and print the photo.