Phew - I'm Back In The Loop!

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After a very busy few days I am now back to normal, or as normal as I could possibly be!

LSNED - September 29th

I am up to date with posting my LSNED journal and my learning for today is how much I have enjoyed making it. It was a spur of the moment decision to sign up for the project and I had grave doubts whether I would manage to fit in making a page every day or if I would give up on it like I have on many journals I have started but I am thrilled to have finished it and am contemplating doing the Journal Your Christmas project this year. If I can organise myself to get pages made up in advance, journal onto index cards and keep it small and simple I think that, even over the Christmas period, I may well be able to complete this project.

What have I learnt today:-

Jackie and I work brilliantly together as a team.

I can complete a project if I put my mind to it and make it achievable.

I am a complete control freak - I completed a quiz, in a magazine, over breakfast this morning and I ticked all TEN boxes which were there to indicate if you are a control freak! So now it is official.

A couple of hours at home without Gracia and David can be utilised to do a bit of crafting, chat with friends and quickly whip round the downstairs so that it looks like I have done a bit of housework!

Finally, you may have been wondering what this is at the top of my blog. Well, this Sunday I am going to abseil down Colchester Town Hall in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. Am I scared - you bet I am, am I going to do it - I sure am because I have over £100 in sponsorship hanging on it so I can put on an extra pair of pants (just in case) and jolly well do it!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Unexpected teaching in the afternoon can be a bonus when working with someone who is on the same wavelength as you and makes team teaching so much fun.

2. Working in KS2 in the afternoon instead of KS1 means an extra 15 minutes lunch break.

3. I have cleared up my scrapping mess in the dining room, sorted out the lounge (or what is left of it) and if I spend 10 minutes on the bathroom then all my jobs, other than
printing out half a dozen invoices for David, are done.



Mel said...

For the Christmas journal thing, check out Ali Edwards December daily - that's my plan for the year

Your scrapbook is beautiful!