Simple September Pleasures

19:41 Karen 1 Comments

LSNED September 9th

Today was a day to learn to appreciate simple pleasures and upon reflection a day full of them.

Early morning scrapping before work - although my pages are only 6 x 4 it is such a relaxing and rewarding start to the day to get the page for the previous day finished. I tend to make two pages which just need the photos and journalling to be added at a time and this makes for a quick and easy page each morning.

Fruit loaf toasted for breakfast.

A walk to the shop for a packet of crisps at lunchtime.

The things that children say that make me chuckle.

A clear desk.

Fixing the wireless router so that the Internet works again.

David walking in through the door after work and the silly comments he always makes to make me giggle.

BUT most of all a cup of tea and a jam doughnut after work with my best bud Eileen.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I have tidies my desk and was surprised to find that there is actually wood underneath the piles of rubbish that usually languish on my desk.

2. I do not have to do any running about to meetings or taking or picking up Gracia today so the whole evening is mine to do as I wish.

3. Tomorrow is my afternoon off and I am going to do my Tesco shop so that I can to to a crop without feeling guilty about all the things I have left to be done at home.


Anonymous said...

Karen! Thank you so much for your reason to be cheerful list at the end of the day! I've really enjoyed reading them!! Irene aka Calendula X