Apologies for the length of this entry!

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Sincere apologies for not blogging - no not really sometimes I have time to blog, sometimes I don't and sometimes I just want to spend my time doing other things than computery stuff.

I have kept up with the daily pages for LSNED and a pleased with most of my pages and the pair of pages I am not too keen on I am going to rectify today. As this is such a lovely project I want to be pleased with all the pages. Saying that, I made 4 pages in advance on Thursday and was really delighted with one design, then after I had added the photo I doodled around the edge - a big mistake as it changed the page from being plain and simple to messy - so me, being me, pulled the whole lot apart and made the pages again, without the doodling! (Thank you Eileen for the loan of your Martha Stewart punches - lush)

So what have I done/learnt over the past few days?

Children can make you double up with laughter, even when they don't mean to. I wish I could share the story but ethically I cannot.

Each time Gracia's B/F comes round I get a warm and fuzzy feeling just watching how the interact with each other, the fun, laughter and immense affection there is in their relationship.

When I said to Gracia "I have realised that Daddy and I have been together for over 25 years - how boring is that?" She replied "It's not boring to love someone for that long, it's an achievement" adding with a giggle "Especially if that person is Daddy!" I realised that no it isn't boring and our relationship is, in fact, far from boring. Note I am not sure who she was implying was the person who had made this miraculous achievement - me for putting up with David or him for putting up with me.

On Thursday, I went over to Eileen's to do a bit of cutting and sticking even though I knew I wanted to get the housework done and many other jobs. I had a short meeting after work and it would have been so easy to say I couldn't make over to Eileen's but I am so glad I did as spending time with friends, doing something you enjoy is priceless and so good for the soul. The jobs that needed doing still got done and I didn't resent spending time doing them as I had already had a lovely couple of hours to reflect back on!

Sorry, this is a long post - the penalty of not blogging for a couple of days!

Yesterday, David went off for his annual weekend away with the boys. I thought I was looking forward to a weekend of just me and Gracia but I am missing him already and really looking forward to his return.

Yesterday I went into W H Smiths to pick up a copy of SI as my scrapping friend Elaine had said that I had won the Reader's Gallery prize and she was right :) Not 1 but 2 los - Fun and Games and I Make Stuff!

While in there I noticed these really cute stickers - fortunately I looked at the correct price and not the money off price (lesson learnt here) and still thought that they were an absolute bargain. I now have to come up with a use for them!

I also spent the afternoon cutting and sticking to finish a lo I started last Saturday.

I love the gorgeous sunny days we are having at the moment when everything looks so shiny and bright.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Some may say a reason to be cheerful is that they have eventually got to the end of this blog post :)

2. David will be home in about 36 hours (and counting).

3. The day ahead is going to be filled with quality time spent with Gracia and quality time spent alone - I can't wait xxxxxx

Hope you have a lovely day.



Cheryl said...

your LO is fab and I have seen your pages in SI and they gorgeous well done you xx

Mary said...

Hi Karen....

Congrats on getting your LOs in SI and many thanks for commenting on my pages on LSNED.

Mary xxx