A Straighter Smile

18:28 Karen 4 Comments

First my LSNED page for the 2nd Sept

Back to school properly and it was a pleasure to be there. I really enjoyed hearing what the children had done in the holidays and seeing how excited most of them were to be back in their new class.

I feel a lot more settled today knowing exactly what I am going to be doing each week, I like a bit of routine sometimes - but not always!

As Friday afternoon is my afternoon off I always try to schedule Gracia's orthodontic appointments then. We have been going backwards and forward to Chelmsford - a 30/45 minute drive every five weeks for the past 18 months for brace adjustments. I feel that only now are the results beginning to show. Her teeth were very wonky to start with and she hated smiling if it meant showing them. Now she has a straighter smile, although there is still a lot of work to be done.

So what have I learnt today:-

Don't leave your husband up on scaffolding cutting the hedge with a petrol hedge cutter - he will fall off and risk life and limb!

Children are very accepting of each others little quirks and foibles most of the time.

Gracia's orthodontic surgeon, whom we disliked at our first meeting, is in fact a very nice and caring man - so the lesson from this is give people a second chance and don't always go by first impressions.

My lovely daughter turned down tea with her b/f (whom she loves very much) to come home and have tea with me. I must be a good mum sometimes.

Lastly, my LSNED page for the 3rd Sept.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. David did not hurt himself too much when he fell.

2. Cheesy chips for tea (why do so many of my reasons to be cheerful revolve around food?)

3. Today's trip to the orthodontist means one less trip left overall.



Vikki said...

Hi Karen, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Your pages are looking beautiful and I love those stickers! Looking forward to seeing more of your project.
Vikki x

{ Emma } said...

I know it's not funny but I did actually laugh out loud at the phrase about your husband. It's just so what my OH would do and the way you wrote it as such a matter of fact thing you learnt was just too funny.

My OH recently decided to build a 3 foot ramp to jump over with his mountain bike. He went straight over the handle bars and ended up in hospital having an operation to pin the bones back together in his right hand. He's fine now but seriously, all I can say is "MEN"!

Great pages, I love paperchase stickers too. Will have to digg them out for LSNED.


Totally love those red shoes!!! (and all your lsned pages too!!)


Lou said...

I just love the colours you're using on your pages, they're fab and make great pages! :)